Outdoor Showers: Al Fresco Refresher

Adding outdoor shower products to the spa showroom

ToddPod Outdoor Shower Enclosure
Products: Single-, double- and cabana-style shower stalls, lockers and custom enclosures
Outdoor Shower Company
Products: Stainless steel and chrome plated brass wall mount hot and cold showers, wall mount single supply showers, foot showers and hose bibs, free standing single supply showers, free standing foot showers/hose bibs, free standing drinking fountains, free standing hot and cold showers, free standing and wall mount hand spray showers and more.

While there are plenty of outdoor accessories to sell alongside hot tubs in the showroom, there are compelling reasons to make outdoor showers part of those offerings.

“Outdoor showers fit with the demographic that hot tub dealers are targeting because people who are investing in hot tubs are investing in outdoor living products,” says Todd Leatherman, founder of ToddPod Outdoor Shower Enclosure in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

Connie Stanfield, vice president of operations for Outdoor Shower Company in Dallas, Georgia, says the company’s outdoor shower products were first designed for use at public pools and water parks, but they serve the same purposes for home use.

“When using a hot tub, an outdoor shower reduces the likelihood of contaminating the spa water and minimizes health risks,” Stanfield says. “Most users shower after using a hot tub to remove chemicals from their skin, but showering before entering is often forgotten, yet it is essential for removing sweat, dead skin cells, lotion and products such as cologne and deodorant.”

Leatherman also supports highlighting the health benefits to the customer. “For decades, public health authorities have recommended the pre-swim shower,” Leatherman says. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges people to shower with soap before swimming or going into the hot tub.” Doing so not only helps maintain the health of that user but also others using the hot tub.

Stanfield also advises emphasizing the savings on maintenance when describing the benefits to potential buyers. An outdoor shower, Stanfield explains, “keeps the [hot tub and pool] water clean and balanced, reduces the work required from the system and filter, and prevents filters from becoming clogged. Owners can reduce the cost of maintaining and repairing [their hot tub], the use of chemicals and draining and refilling as often.” 

In addition to extolling the health and hot tub maintenance benefits, Leatherman suggests pointing out that rinsing off before heading inside means less sand, dirt and other debris tracked through the house.

Leatherman likes to use a three-pronged approach to displaying outdoor shower products: having the products set up in the showroom; having photos online of the products in real owners’ backyards; and having the product catalogue and trifold onsite to detail the various set-up options.

With a variety of outdoor shower products on the market, there’s something to suit every need. Outdoor Shower Company offers commercial-grade stainless steel and chrome-plated brass products rated for outdoor use. “The foot showers allow one to rinse feet before hopping back in, and the hand sprays make it possible to rinse from head to toe,” Stanfield says. ToddPod makes durable, easy to install modular structures. “We are the only purpose-built product on the market,” says Leatherman. Outdoor showers can enhance the hot tub user experience and can make a wonderful addition to the sales floor. “[Outdoor showers are] an essential piece of outdoor furniture for anybody who lives by the beach, out in the country or is interested in a rinse station to add to their backyard spa or pool setup,” Leatherman says.