Bill Meyer joins Serum Watercare

Serum Watercare announced the engagement of Bill Meyer, owner of Premier Spa Solutions, in the marketing and sales of its products SERUM Total Cleanse, Total Maintenance, Swim Spa SERUM and Pool SERUM. Containing a proprietary quaternary ammonium formula, SERUM Total Maintenance is the only EPA Registered product available to prevent biofilm, back up primary sanitizers in killing bacteria, viruses and other pathogens to ensure clear and safe spa water, and buffer pH to prevent calcium scaling.

As the previous owner of Texas-based multistore Premiere Hot Tubs, Meyer brings a wealth of direct dealer experience to these opportunities. In addition to years of personal experience with SERUM products, he is both a bromine and chlorine salt system expert and has long recognized the advantages of including SERUM in all spa sanitation regimens.

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