Hot tubs and pools weren’t the only products to see a huge spike in sales. According to market research company NPD Group, sales of outdoor and sports toys saw a 53% increase in 2020, and while that spike may have died down, the demand seems to still be going strong.
Swim spa sales are high dollar — both for the buyer and the hot tub retailer. And while the accessories that go along with a swim spa don’t bring in as much revenue as the swim spa itself, they can make a huge impact in the customer’s overall satisfaction with their expensive swim spa. 
While the French may be known for their high standards in everything from cuisine to luxury automobiles, they also have an adage: “Le meilleur est toujours le moins cher,” which roughly translates to “The best is always that which is affordable.” French Canadian hot tub manufacturer InnovaSpa is banking on this being a universal concept.