Covana Offers Swim Spa Cover

Electric cover targets high end of market

By Lawrence Scofield

Located an hour northeast of Montreal, Canada, Covana has developed a permanent hot tub and swim spa cover that raises and lowers itself via an electric motor. Made from a durable ABS thermoplastic, the insulated cover seals the edges to protect against heat loss, evaporation and weather-related problems. When the cover is raised, it forms a gazebo that has considerable aesthetic appeal. “We believe in pairing the Covana with a high-end swim spa,” says Kelly King, manager at Mountain Hot Tub in Bozeman, Montana, the state’s largest-volume dealer. “They seem to match each other. Any other cover seems to detract. When we show the Covana to customers, we flip the key switch and as the cover rises, our customers get big smiles. It’s exactly what they’re looking for.” The Covana’s Legend model is made specifically for swim spas.

The idea for an automated cover came from the need to help people who use spas for medical rehabilitation. Covana’s director of research and development invented this cover, says Thomas Roux, marketing manager for Canimex, Covana’s parent company. “His father-in-law had health issues and couldn’t lift a cover,” Roux says. “With a Covana, people doing rehab can easily open and close the cover without the help of a second person. They simply turn a key.” Vinyl covers can get heavy when soaked with moisture or snow, but a Covana is designed to withstand up to 600 pounds of snow and still operate normally. “The Covana is designed to be used year round,” Roux says.

With the optional lighting system, the gazebo has a nice ambience for evening users. The lighting system is available on the Oasis model, Roux says, which has a peaked roof. “And the shades provide a lot of privacy where houses are close together,” he says. “Both are nice add-ons for people who use the Covana at night.”

The Covana is made to run on household current and its electric motor is housed in a box located near the unit. The wiring is buried. “It’s a very quiet electric motor — you can barely hear it,” Roux says. “The key switch can be mounted either outdoors or inside the home.”

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Covana also boasts safety and security features: If you go on vacation or aren’t home, Roux says, the Covana can be locked in its closed position, which prevents intruders from accessing the spa.

Further, the cover and structure will last the lifetime of a spa, Roux says. “A regular cover will need to be changed several times over the life of the spa,” he says, “and you’ll pay more in energy costs due to heat and chemical loss with a regular cover. Your whole set-up will be stronger and of better quality with a Covana. The cost savings are a bonus for spa owners.”

For dealers, a Covana automated hot tub cover — with sizes to fit most swim spas and hot tubs — offers an additional sales opportunity. “The system works for new customers, but for returning customers, too,” Roux says. “People who’ve already bought a spa or hot tub see a Covana, and they’ll come back and add that to their set-up.”