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It’s no secret the hot tub market has a global reach. Our insights from six continents indicate customers — no matter where they’re from — generally want the same experience: excellent customer service, relaxation at home and a brand they can trust that will last for years.
HOAs - Main
Homeowner associations can get a bad reputation, especially since they’re often portrayed in movies and memes as a club of nosy neighbors looking for something to nitpick.
Breakeven is too important to ignore. There are many uses for breakeven. It is a fundamentally important tool with the power to transform your thinking and the quality of your business decisions.
Merchandising-Customer waiting experience
America’s attention span changed when “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” aired in 1968. For those of you who are old enough to remember this show, it was radical in its short bursts of visual and spoken jokes. 
Racial and gender diversity in the workplace has been a priority for business owners in recent years and for good reason. A variety of perspectives and backgrounds stimulates innovative thinking and problem-solving; diverse workforces also tend to attract a wider and more varied customer base.