Dream Maker crosses the line with innovative new spa

New rotomold models look more and more like acrylic

Dream Maker Spas of Lake Mary, Florida, has evolved rotomold spas with the introduction of its new Crossover line. Dream Maker continues to build its reputation by reinventing a product line once jettisoned to the dusty, darkened corner of spa showrooms. With Crossover, Dream Maker has pushed the
innovation envelope with elegant lines, designs, colors and features.

The Crossover spa model 730L, for example, boasts a pearlglaze finish, solid unibody construction, easy-access panels, 30 adjustable jets, rich-looking body contours with exterior LED corner lights, MoonGlo LED waterfall, two unique shell colors and six color combinations. At first glance, even the most seasoned spa retailer might ask if this is really rotomold. Dream Maker general manager Dave Wright says the company has pushed technology to the limit.

“This product line spent two years in research and development with materials and tooling,” he says. “Our objective was to build a full-featured, full-size, entry-level hot tub. If the benchmark in our industry is acrylic, our goal was to get as close as possible to replicating the look and feel
of an acrylic hot tub, with the benefits of rotomold. With our one-piece design and product durability…we’ve come real close!”

At the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas, where Crossover was unveiled in November, the spas generated enormous buzz from attendees. Wright says he believes that’s a result of Dream Maker taking rotomold spas to a level of craftsmanship once believed incapable of attainment in the industry.

At this reading, with about six months of orders and production under its belt, Wright says the
response from Dream Maker’s dealer network has been overwhelming. “Overall, the ‘wow’ factor has been
exceptionally gratifying,” Wright says, “plus the recognition that the Crossover line has broken the style and form barrier of what rotomold was meant to be.

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The Vegas show last year was the best Dream Maker has had in at least 10 years. And all we showed there was the Crossover in its various configurations. Since then, it’s been nonstop for us.”

Wright says while retailers were impressed with the Crossover line, the real thrill came from competing manufacturers’ comments, who repeatedly asked Wright and his crew how it created this breakthrough in design, durability and functionality.

“Crossover really shatters the myth of rotomolded hot tubs,” Wright says. “We all know roto spas have been kicked around as the last resort at retailers. We’re working to change that and present a product that the consumer will be attracted to.” The road to becoming the rotomold myth buster has been met with challenges. “To begin with, this is an extremely capital intensive proposition, compared to a normal rotomold spa; the rotomold itself, design, tooling.”

The difference, Wright says, is that while some manufacturers have acrylic product lines, rotomold is Dream Maker’s entire focus. “That’s why our attention is on constantly pushing the envelope so we can introduce new designs, features and product lines like Crossover,” he says, “which can compete in the marketplace.”