Episode #51, Design with a Purpose, with Vic Walker and Allen Kalkomey from CMP

Allen Kalkomey

We’ve all become keenly aware of supply chains in 2020 — from toilet paper, to groceries, to all the things that make a hot tub. Custom Molded Products, or CMP, is one of the vital suppliers for hot tub manufacturers making everything from jets, valves, lights, sanitation systems and the list goes on. We talk to Allen Kalkomey, vice president of sales and marketing, and Vic Walker, director of marketing and product design.

Kalkomey and Walker bring different perspectives to the hot tub industry, with Kalkomey being relatively new to the industry, and Walker spending time at Dimension One Spas before moving to CMP. We talk how the coronavirus has impacted the industry, and their business (because can you really have a conversation these days without leading with that?), but mostly we discuss what it’s like to design and develop products for distinct hot tub OEMs.

Vic Walker

It’s a peek behind the curtain of how products come to be and what it’s like to understand, interest and balance manufacturer personalities. Walker is part of the teams that developed D1’s Bay collection and CMP’s SQR System.


This episode is sponsored by Marquis.

Marquis’ Vector21 hot tubs feature Vector Optimized Laminar Therapy™ (V-O-L-T™) which delivers up to 40% more flow volume, specifically engineered to achieve laminar flow. Variable Velocity Valves™ (V3) throttles 0 to 100 percent of the available water flow between multiple seats or to only one seat. Conal Jetpods are softer on the skin’s surface. Directional Jetpods offer more targeted sensation into the muscle mass. Orbital Jetpods rotate dynamically to create a kneading sensation. Specialized Massage Seat configurations include: Deep-Tissue, RelaxationShiatsu or Swedish Massage. Whitewater-4™ jet is high-flow therapy innovation, located in the footwell to enhance the benefits of leg and foot massage.

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