Episode #54, The Long Game with Ben Poggemiller

Ben Poggemiller from Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs joins us again to share what’s changed in his business since we spoke at the beginning of the pandemic. He talks about how they’re handling ordering, selling and customer follow up now that hot tubs are sold out.

Listen to our first episode with Poggemiller here.

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Episode #77, Take Your Body Back in Time with Chris Ogden The SpaRetailer Podcast

Recently featured in the Stores section of SpaRetailer, Chris Ogden, general manager of Time Machine Hot Tubs, is our podcast guest. Ogden began selling spas in 1999 and now heads one of the most uniquely-named stores in the industry (he swears he thought of it before the movie came out). Ogden and his crew are about to open their fourth location in the resort area of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. This is the final episode of Season 7 of The SpaRetailer […]
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