Episode #54, The Long Game with Ben Poggemiller

Ben Poggemiller from Urban Life Pools & Hot Tubs joins us again to share what’s changed in his business since we spoke at the beginning of the pandemic. He talks about how they’re handling ordering, selling and customer follow up now that hot tubs are sold out.

Listen to our first episode with Poggemiller here.

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Episode #66, Support the Hot Tub Industry with Steve and Tracine The SpaRetailer Podcast

The International Hot Tub Association has been working to protect the hot tub industry since 2008. Now part of the PHTA, the chair and vice-chair of the organization’s leadership team joins the podcast to talk about its membership drive. Steve Stigers, vice president of marketing at Watkins Wellness, and Tracine Marroquin, vice president of marketing at Jacuzzi Group may be competitors, but the two work together to ensure the hot tub industry doesn’t get roped into undo legislation. To do […]
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