Episode #67, the Acrylic Repair Pros with Multi-Tech

For more than a decade Multi-Tech Products has been supplying acrylic repair materials to the hot tub and bath industries, working behind the scenes with manufacturers and acrylic suppliers. Under new ownership, the company is now stepping out in front of the industry, hoping to streamline the ordering process for retailers and consumers. Meet the new owners and hear about their plans for the future, and what they’ve seen going on in the hot tub industry from their unique vantage point.

WSJ article on Bullfrog Spas and hot tub supply chain (you need a WSJ subscription to see the entire article).

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Jesse Huizar
Jesse Huizar, CEO, Multi-Tech
Art Leon
Art Leon, COO, Multi-Tech
John Crisanti
John Crisanti, Consultant, Multi-Tech
Megan Kendrick
Megan Kendrick, Host, The SpaRetailer Podcast