FROG swim spa system

King Technology: Closing the Gap

King Technology provides a purpose-built solution for swim spa owners

In the world of hot tubs and swim spas, innovation is the name of the game, and Minnesota-based King Technology has been a pioneering force. The company addressed a largely overlooked group — using chemicals that weren’t built for its unique needs. In response, King Technology created the first and only complete sanitizing system specifically for swim spas — the FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas.

Product Features 

One of the most innovative aspects of this system is its translucent SmartChlor cartridge. The design allows customers to easily monitor how much product is left, ensuring they never unexpectedly run out. Each cartridge provides three to four weeks of use, similar to FROG’s @ease hot tub product. 

It comes with a string-like tether, but there is an option to purchase an upgraded silicone, BPA-free tether separately, offering a longer-lasting and more sustainable solution.

For product marketing manager Alex Granlund, the small size is a particular point of pride. 

“I’ve tested it myself and with different types of swimmers with multiple swim spas,” Granlund says. “It [also] fits really well underneath the cover.”

King Technology spent significant time researching and testing to ensure the system works optimally in water temperatures ranging from 80 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for a variety of swim spas. It is also compatible with swim spas that have water volumes of up to 3,000 gallons.

Like the popular FROG @ease hot tub products, the swim spa system uses FROG sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor technology, which can reduce chlorine use by up to 75%. SmartChlor technology self-regulates to maintain a consistently low free chlorine level of 0.5-1 ppm at all times. It creates a chlorine reserve that converts to free chlorine when a demand on the swim spa water is sensed.

The system requires minimal maintenance; owners only need to shock their spa once a month. Additionally, it doesn’t contain cyanuric acid, which can be harmful to swim spa water quality over time, and it helps eliminate the odor of chlorine. By being gentle on tub surfaces, it also ensures the longevity of consumers’ swim spa investment.

Additionally, this product is eligible for King Technology’s recycling program, making it easy for customers to responsibly dispose of used cartridges.

King Technology will also release FROG Maintain — individual, one-dose shock packets good for 30 days — providing a comprehensive product offering consisting of the full system, replacement cartridges and one-dose packets.

FROG swim spa system

Background and Development

The FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas wasn’t created overnight; it took about two and a half years of meticulous development. King Technology’s sales team, led by director of sales Chris Stadick, and the marketing team, led by director of marketing Jackie Rieck, played a pivotal role and worked closely with customers and dealers to gain valuable insights and perspectives. Their input helped shape the product’s evolution and refine the go-to-market strategy. 

“Through our research, we saw that this growing segment of the market [swim spa owners] is vastly underserved,” Rieck says. “The industry hasn’t recognized this segment and forces them to use pool or hot tub chemicals, neither of which are purpose-built. Consumers have been struggling with these chemicals and doing the math every day hoping to get it right.”

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Along the way, the team encountered significant challenges. Swim spas serve a range of purposes, from serious swimming to family recreation and hot tub relaxation, so creating a product that worked in all configurations was difficult. 

Supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic complicated things further; even obtaining a swim spa to use for testing was more complicated than the team had anticipated. 

Navigating the timelines of regulatory agencies like the EPA also added complexity as the company pursued new product registration.

Despite the challenges, King Technology knew the time was right to jump into the swim spa category. “We felt like the market was ready for it,” Granlund says. “It is our No. 1 requested product innovation. We had the resources and the bandwidth. So, we said, ‘Yeah, this is the right time.’ ” 

Meeting Dealers’ Needs 

Dealers in the hot tub and swim spa industry have long yearned for a solution like the FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas. This offering streamlines sales, eliminating the need for dealers to dodge the often-complicated conversation about caring for swim spa water. Moreover, the FROG brand is already trusted in the industry. 

“FROG @ease [for hot tubs] was a little bit slow to take off because it was brand new technology,” Granlund says. “Nobody understood that technology or how and why it worked differently than dichlor. That’s not the case now. We see a much quicker adoption of this new product. I think we’re going to see big sales right out of the gate.”

By offering this system, dealers can provide consumers with the right tools for maintaining their swim spas, benefiting both end-users and their bottom line. According to Rieck, dealers can expect repeat business and customer loyalty, as consumers return to their stores for reliable, effective and easy-to-use products.

Furthermore, the FROG @ease Sanitizing System for Swim Spas is patent protected, ensuring dealers have access to an exclusive and innovative solution, and it will also be within King Technology’s minimum advertised pricing policy.

Anticipated Reaction

Excitement is building and the King team is, as Granlund puts it, “counting down the days” as they prepare to launch the system at the Pool | Spa | Patio show in November, where preorders will be accepted. Beginning Jan. 1, customers can experience the benefits of this comprehensive swim spa water care system.

Consumers now have an easy path to swim spa water care that’s CYA-free. Dealers should feel good about helping their customers and providing a solution that’s safe, effective and easy.”

Chris Stadick, King Technology

“Consumers now have an easy path to swim spa water care that’s CYA-free,” Stadick says. “Dealers should feel good about helping their customers and providing a solution that’s safe, effective and easy. We feel confident dealers and consumers will be excited and relieved they finally have an easy solution to swim spa water care.”