If money were no object, what is your perfect hot tub store wish list?

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Perfect Store Wish List

My perfect hot tub store would need … a Starbucks! Just kidding!

  • All my hot tub models on display.
  • One model from each line warm and running for wet testing. 
  • A cozy seating area with drinks available to clients and equipped with an information center housing brochures, pamphlets, how-to guides, product information and descriptions. 
  • A small play area to keep kids busy but still close and in view of parents while they shop and finalize contracts.
  • Separate cash and water testing desks to make for a quick in-and-out for those picking up something. 
  • Outside pick-up lockers for customers to grab online orders outside of business hours by using a code. 
  • A gym/yoga area for staff to keep fit — mind, body and soul. 
  • An outside area for pets to relieve themselves and an inside area with water dishes. We believe in being pet-friendly and not leaving pets in a hot car.


Dana Hyde
CK Spas
Co – Owner
Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada

  • At least three working models: 110v, 220v and swim spa.

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  • A separate private area for wet testing the spas, designed with the backyard experience — firepit, barbeque and outdoor kitchen.

  • Carry outdoor furniture or partner with a third party.

  • Carry more than one manufacturer with different price points or options.

  • Offer pool and spa accessories and chemicals.

  • Plenty of walking space, so you can move from item to item with ease.

  • An area for overstock, so the showroom doesn’t look cluttered.

  • A door for curbside pick-up for pool chemicals and salt, with a convenient way to pick up and load large items. 

  • Plenty of window space for after-hours customers.

  • Lots of outdoor lights.

  • A large parking lot for special events.


Dave Wooldridge
Two Men and a Spa Dolly
Arnold, Missouri