Leisure Concepts: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Sleek looking lifter completely hides hot tub cover

By Leslie Kelly

A new cover lifter is on its way to retailers and will soon be in the hands of consumers.

The Covermate Vanish XL, unveiled in prototypical form at the 2017 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in Orlando, will be ready for purchase in November.

Mike Genova, president of Leisure Concepts, calls the Vanish XL “innovative, different and unique.”

“There were a couple of factors driving the creation of this cover lifter,” Genova says. “Traditional cover lifters are made with metal tubing that is bent and fixed in a way that you are seeing a lot of the mechanical pieces. With the Covermate Vanish XL, its design is sleek, unobtrusive and provides effortless operation.”

Genova says the Vanish XL was designed to drop the cover all the way to the ground. “There is a market for this type of design as there are spa owners who prefer the cover to disappear behind the spa,” he says.

The product is made of automotive-grade aluminum, designed to be rigid and strong with a modern styling, combined with hydraulic shocks that provide the perfect amount of lift assist.

What makes the Vanish XL stand out over other cover lifters is its ability to position the spa cover low and behind the spa, in addition to a sleek look and a fast and easy installation. “The Vanish XL’s condensed size and minimal weight, make shipping inexpensive and allows for efficiency in inventory warehouse space,” Genova says. “We are confident the Vanish XL will allow Leisure Concepts to further stand out against our competitors. The current cover lifters in the industry look and work the same way; the Vanish XL is different, making it a must for every showroom.”

The patented Vanish XL required extensive engineering over a three-year period of research and development before being brought to market. When the prototype was unveiled in 2017 in Orlando, the Vanish XL received positive reviews from dealers, Genova says. “Going into the show, we thought we had something pretty cool, but we weren’t sure what the reaction from dealers would be,” he says. “We were hopeful that with the look, functionality and price point we had hit the mark on what dealers are wanting.” Based on the number of preorders and feedback, “we knew we had a winner and went to work fine-tuning the product.”

Leisure Concepts provides a wide selection of cover lifters that offer various functions at various price points. “There still maintains a need for our other cover lifter designs because of space limitations and desired functionality,” Genova says. “Some spa owners won’t have the space allotment that is required by the Vanish XL, which is 18 to 20 inches behind the spa,” Genova says.

In the cover lifter category, there are products for just about every price point as well as desired needs. “Consumers often don’t know what they want and they rely on the dealer to tell them what they need,” Genova says. “Most spa dealers include the cover lifter with the spa purchase and some will opt for a lower-price, lower-quality lifter while others are looking to give the spa buyer the product that matches their needs and wants the best. Leisure Concepts offers multiple cover lifts that cover every category.”

As with all Leisure Concepts products, the Covermate Vanish XL is manufactured in Spokane, Washington. The company was founded in 1994 and has about 15 employees. It prides itself on strict quality assurance, being environmentally sensitive and creating products efficiently.

Features and Specs of the CoverMate Vanish XL

  • Requires 25 inches of clearance behind the spa and 5 inches on each side.
  • Powder-coated aluminum tubing with noncorrosive brackets.
  • Hydraulic shocks on the side arms and back bracket make opening and closing easy.
  • Great for larger spa covers.
  • Works on spas up to 8 feet in length and width.
  • Black in color.
  • Price point around $299