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PDC Spas is excited to announce the new Splash Series, which blends hot tub therapy and fitness. This hybrid series, available in both 12-foot and 15-foot options, not only provides up to 10 hydrotherapy seats, which include bench seating, but also has one Elite Pro Jet.
The Crown Collection is a showstopper that effortlessly captivates consumers. Marquis sets itself apart with innovative features, including in-line sanitation and ozone, and the option for Microsilk oxygen skin therapy. Enjoy a fantastic margin opportunity, exceptional customer service and a robust partnership.
Vastera, Bellagio’s latest icy refreshment solution, is crafted with durable aluminum for all-weather endurance. The hot/cold tub boasts HeatVent Pro+ for improved airflow and insulation sleeves to prevent hose sweat, while the Mini Inverter Chiller cuts cooling time by more than half.
Teach your customers the ease of water care with the FROG @ease Fresh Mineral Water and SmartChlor technology combination kit. The unique floating design flips when the SmartChlor cartridge needs to be replaced. This swim spa kit is only available from Essentials Spa Supplies.
The H2X Challenger 18D Pro is taking swimming to the next level. Six airless VIP jets create a smooth, wide current of water — no air required. It has a top speed of 1:10 per 100-meter pace, and the variable-speed system makes it easy to set the pace.
Prestige Spa cover cleaner and protectant cleans, preserves, protects and restores color. It keeps vinyl soft and pliable, blocks the damaging effects of UV rays and inhibits cracking, fading and hardening of vinyl and rubber. The cover cleaner and protectant work on all vinyl hot tub covers.
Automatic Pool Covers now offers automatic covers for swim spas. Swim spa customers want to get the most use out of their product by being able to instantly open and close the swim spa without having to lift heavy traditional covers. Made in the U.S.
Discover Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Swim Spas (12 oz): the eco-friendly solution for pristine water. Harnessing natural enzymes, it eliminates contaminants without harsh chemicals. Just one bottle monthly ensures crystal-clear water for a blissful swim.
Hydropool’s top-of-the-line Signature Self-Cleaning hot tub collection is all-new for 2024. The Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, company has upgraded cabinets and molds along with the addition of commercial-grade microfiltration.
The Tokyo hot tub from Platinum Spas is made up of one lounger and five seats. With a total of 89 jets and an array of formations, it offers an invigorating experience. Choose the Tokyo hot tub for an unparalleled spa experience that combines style, comfort and performance.
Hailed as the No. 1 value spa in the U.S. by TradeCertified in 2023, DreamMaker Spas offers four lines in the Contour, Crossover, Cabana and Comfort collections. The company focuses on long- lasting construction at an entry-level cost using its patented Syncrylic material.
Whether the kids or grandkids are looking to play, or you’re looking to float and soak up the sun, the Party/S.W.I.M. design is ideal for splashing around and has plenty of seating. It also offers swim jets and is available in three series: ES, GS or VS.
The South Seas 840LE is the perfect way to relax in luxury. With kickrail lighting, neck jets and a soothing pillowfall, this tub offers a unique spa experience. Become a dealer today and join the growing success.
Revamp your showroom with the Retreat MS, Nordic’s premier hot tub designed for any space, which features two therapy bucket seats and a bench seat. Nordic Star jets offer a targeted massage, swiftly easing tension.
Stretch out for a head-to-toe hydrotherapy experience in the Legend II. Enjoy the generous lounger, or simply take advantage of the 3D corner seat with strategically placed jets that let you choose the sitting position that hits just the right spot. The Legend II is shown in White Satin.
Discover the dual-temperature FitSpa, boasting a 13-foot exercise pool and a five-person hot tub. Experience the WaVS true variable-speed system, empowering swimmers to customize resistance. The DT-19 blends exercise and relaxation, redefining wellness.
The V174K Kona is 14.5 feet long and 51 inches deep and pumps up the power with six swim jets and a whitewater-4 Plus system.
The Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection features All Seasons Pools that harness the latest in-place swim current technology and the performance of Jacuzzi PowerPro jets. All spas include four optimal hydromassage options and the exclusive WaterWatch fitness tracking accessory to capture and analyze performance.
The Helios swim spa gives you the best of both worlds. Two volumes of water ensure the spa end is hot, while the swim end is at a lower temperature.
Wellis’ Rio Grande products are the result of a long development process. This model is the perfect combination of a well-equipped hot tub and a swimming pool for a complete workout. With 40 hydro massage jets, bathers can also enjoy massages.
Both of MAAX Spas’ brands, American Whirlpool and Vita Spa, have 16-foot swim spa models. The improved design has expanded seating for five people with 42 jets and longer swim lanes. They have more filter capacity and three high-powered jets, which allow swimmers to embrace resistance training and relaxation without sacrifice.
PDC Spas swim spas offer aquatic luxury. Voted Swim Spa of the Year by Top Ten Reviews, PDC’s 3 series offer 16 models, showcasing patented TruSwim dual propulsion technology for swimming comfort and fitness.