For customers, a backyard pizza oven offers more than just convenient access to fresh, hot pizza. It fosters a sense of community and enhances outdoor gathering spaces.
Though saunas have been part of wellness routines, particularly in Scandinavia, for at least 2,000 years, the modern sauna is enjoying a resurgence thanks to its purported health benefits.
The words “rapid,” “exponential” and “boom” aren’t typically used in the same sentences as “lounge,” “relax” and “recline,” yet for the past three years outdoor furniture manufacturer Ledge Lounger has helped introduce some unique adjective/verb pairings. 
Hot tubs and pools weren’t the only products to see a huge spike in sales. According to market research company NPD Group, sales of outdoor and sports toys saw a 53% increase in 2020, and while that spike may have died down, the demand seems to still be going strong.