Streamlining Customer Service

Broadly makes finding and communicating with customers easier

Responding quickly to customers who want to buy hot tubs could be the difference between retaining them or losing their business.

“If you know consumers, they like quick reaction times,” says Chris Cavanaugh, owner of Cavanaugh Pool, Spa & Patio in Kentucky, “and if you get to them quick, typically you will land a sale or have them more interested.” 

Cavanaugh is one of many spa retailers using Broadly to create an online marketing strategy, and manage customer experiences through a mobile device and desktop computer. Instead of toggling among platforms — such as responding to Facebook messages, then invoicing with QuickBooks — Broadly streamlines eight tools into one, including a website chat function and direct-to-consumer texting. Spa retailers can communicate with customers through their inbox, web chats and team chats; issue invoices; and collect payments, all without leaving Broadly.

Chris Deianni, Broadly’s director of business development, says how companies interact with customers after initial contact is of the utmost importance. Broadly, he says, helps companies nurture the customer throughout the business relationship.

Judson Bobo, owner of Everything Billiards & Spas in Greensboro, North Carolina, says he uses Broadly to make sales after hours, when customers have more time to focus and research. “I can’t count the number of people I chat with — texting via the [Broadly] app on my phone — during the evening, who buy soon after,” Bobo says, “and say they bought from me because I responded when no one else was available.”

For convenience, contacts in QuickBooks or any other accounting or point-of-sale software are automatically loaded into Broadly. Broadly is also compatible with RB Pool and Spa Software, a program designed for the pool and spa industry.

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Broadly also helps spa dealers with lead generation by capturing leads and qualifying them through text messaging, “but we have humans behind that to make sure we’re filtering out any noise, spam or incomplete records,” Deianni says. Then, Broadly passes only qualified leads to its clients, leads who have already told Broadly what they’re looking for and confirmed who they are.

Communicating with these leads is made easier for Bobo via the chat function on his company’s website, a Broadly digital tool. “It allows our entire sales staff to collaborate in responding in a timely fashion to all potential customers,” he says. “We get multiple leads per day via Broadly. We can engage the customer immediately when they are ready to interact, rather than hours or days later.”

Broadly reports a 73% increase in users over the last two years and now has thousands of home-service businesses using the platform to engage with customers. “There is a clear increase in demand for home service over the last 20 months,” Deianni says, “and the post shut-down surge for these types of services has remained steady. When using Broadly, many of our pool and spa customers see an increase in their local reputation through better and more frequent reviews.”

After each customer’s experience, Broadly’s system automatically sends a text encouraging the customer to publish a review on Yelp, Google, Facebook or NextDoor, which boosts spa dealers’ online reputations. “Roughly nine out of 10 customers are going to read reviews before choosing a local business,” Deianni says, “and eight out of 10 are going to book the [company] that responds the quickest. You want to make sure all those people don’t just tell their neighbor and their aunt. You need them to leave that [recommendation] online.”

Cavanaugh says he’s received 350 Google reviews within the last two years as a result of using Broadly. He says the tool is also helpful for connecting with unhappy customers right away. “If they had a bad experience and they click on the ‘Do Not Recommend,’ it will immediately notify me on my phone and also email me,” Cavanaugh says. “This makes it very easy to follow up and see how we failed or how we need to correct the issue.” 

Bobo says the opportunity to connect with customers more directly is beneficial for his business overall: “Broadly helps us go that extra mile in customer service that our competitors don’t. We have built up a lot of five-star reviews.”