What software do you use to keep your service department running smoothly?

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We use Acomba for our accounting, invoicing and inventory management. For the service aspect, we have an add-on software program called Servex

It’s essentially an extension to our accounting program that allows us to create service calls and estimates. We use it for parts or products ordered over the phone or parts on back order. For service calls and estimates on spas and swim spas, if a client goes ahead with the purchase, we can add deposits to the estimate, and it remains in the Servex section until we complete the purchase on the day of delivery. At that moment, it transfers the service call into an invoice. 

It’s simple to use, though it has a very “Windows 98” look to it. What is great about this program is the ability to use it in different languages. Our program is in English, but we can choose a language for our clients when creating their file — English or French — and in the inventory section we input the product name in both languages. Depending on the customer’s preferred language, their invoice will appear as needed. In Québec, we have strict language laws to protect the French language, so we need to have our estimates and invoices printed in French. But since both of us business owners speak English, it’s easier for us to work with an English program.


Dana Hyde
CK Spas
Co – Owner
Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada

We have been using software by Service Fusion for about four years. It has worked wonderfully for our service, delivery and sales. It can provide financial and inventory metrics with cost analysis for each job or sale. Service Fusion is also very responsive to client-suggested updates. There is a mobile app and a customer interface with bill pay via mobile or computer with attached work order and invoice. For work orders, it gives the ability to attach photos of parts. This gives the customer a visual understanding of what parts were ordered or replaced. On the sales side, it can handle follow-ups, quotes and other tasks related to sales.

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Dave Wooldridge
Two Men and a Spa Dolly
Arnold, Missouri


We use Evosus for our service scheduling. The best feature Evosus Legacy has is the order queues. It helps our service department keep a running list of service that needs to be done, is completed or any other scenario that you would like to organize the service orders for. If a service company is not using this feature in Evosus, I would highly recommend it. We think of the order queues as a running spreadsheet on our software, so we never lose any notes or messages. It is all organized within our software, so it also is a great check and balance for all employees who are responsible for anything related to a service order.


Brooke Rossi
DesRochers Backyard Pools and Spas
Shorewood, Willmington and Morris, Illinois