Favorite Products

Do you have outdoor products that are selling themselves? What’s creating a buzz with your customers and sales team?

“One of our favorite products right now is the Spa Frog @Ease, whether it is in-line or a floater. It gives the customer and us peace of mind that you have something working for you in the hot tub to make maintenance even easier. It’s been an easy sale and makes customers happy.”

Kara Rowlen, Marketing manager, member of the executive team
Ultra Modern Pool & Patio, Wichita, Kansas

“Endless Pools Fitness Systems are the hottest new item in the spa industry, with their stand-alone vacuum formed shells, revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine and underwater treadmill. Customers absolutely love the ability to exercise in a nonimpact environment and then enjoy the hydrotherapy jets to relax afterwards. The new E550 model provides the absolute most room for all types of underwater exercise.”

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Sara Charles, Co-owner
Maximum Comfort Pool and Spa, Vail, Colorado

“The distinctive Big Green Egg barbecue provides a cooking experience like no other, allowing users to grill, roast, smoke and bake. Big Green Egg sells well because it is unlike any other barbecue, not only in appearance, but also its food preparation ability. It can be used to cook anything from cookies to pizza to roasted turkeys to hamburgers. Big Green Egg users return again and again for accessories to enhance their Egg cooking experience. Each Egg comes with a limited lifetime warranty.”

Scott Clark, owner
Spa & Sauna Co., Reno, Nevada