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Christian Ryan had an unlikely start in the spa industry. Setting his sights on the financial industry, he got a job at one of Canada’s largest banks.

But as he worked as a financial advisor and private banker, he was also doing direct sales — selling mattresses in the classified ads. The business began to grow, and Ryan added furniture, pool tables and, eventually, hot tubs.

“It was such a weird mix,” Ryan admits.

Since then, Ryan has moved from the pages of the newspaper into a warehouse-style showroom in Kitchener, Ontario.

“We have grown, adapted and become more mainstream,” says Ryan, owner and president.

Premium Wholesale Home and Leisure is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and it is Master Spas’ largest retailer in Canada.

Over the last three years, the business has transitioned from selling outdoor accessories and pool tables to just spas. The only patio furniture in the showroom now is to complement the spa displays.

Premium Wholesale offers Master Spas full range of products, including acrylic hot tubs, H2X Fitness Swim Spas and Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas.

Ryan joined the Master Spas family 13 years ago after working with several other manufacturers and hasn’t looked back. 

“It’s been a great relationship,” Ryan says. “We’ve grown with them quite substantially.”

Master Spas is now providing the opportunity for retailers to join its dealer network and experience the sustained growth they are looking for. The company offers a diverse product offering, industry-best warranties and sales reps focused on your success. In addition, retailers are supported by an award-winning marketing team and an Indiana-based customer support team.

Selling the backyard dream

Now more than ever, people want to create an outdoor space that’s more than green grass and flower beds. Homeowners want a space that’s intended for living. From a place to cook a meal to intentional gathering spaces, people want to make the most of their yards.

Personalizing an outdoor space might be as simple as adding a grill or umbrella. However, more and more people want to include a hot tub into their landscaping.

“A spa is one of the most exciting things to sell,” Ryan says. “People who come into the showroom are excited to put a hot tub in their backyard and everything that goes along with that.”

Customers have visions of not only upgrading their space but their life, and it makes the job rewarding for Ryan.

All in on swim spas

There was a lot of uncertainty in 2008. The housing and stock markets had crashed, and people were becoming more money conscious.

But Christian Ryan was also hearing about something else — swim spas.

“I saw that they were starting to get attention,” Ryan says. “From what I was hearing, it seemed like it would be a good product to try.”

There were not as many manufacturers investing in swim spas. Master Spas was among the first to make the pool alternatives, and Ryan took the leap to become a retailer.

However, swim spas were not an instant best-seller, he says. He sat on the first few but as time went on, demand started to pick up. Off-site events also helped increase awareness, which led to more sales.

Canada has that reputation for being cold. However, in Ontario, the climate is very similar to the Midwest. There are four seasons, with snow in the winter and a pool season in the summer.

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The pool season is shorter, Ryan says, making swim spas a great option. Master Spas manufactures two distinct lines of swim spas: Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas and H2X Fitness Swim Spas. They are designed to be used year-round, with full-foam insulation and self-contained plumbing.

Swim spas sizes range from 11 feet in length to 19 feet long, with dual-temperature options available.

“Ultimately, with swim spas, Master Spas makes it easy to sell and promote.”

Design and innovation

Manufacturing innovation is often about improving productivity and efficiency. But for Master Spas, it comes down to design and improving the customer experience.

And sitting in Ryan’s backyard might be the perfect example.

His Master Spas hot tub has more than 60 jets, waterfalls, a speaker system and room for seven adults. However, the most notable feature is a pop-up cable-ready television.

“It really serves us well,” he says. “It was such a big innovation for Master Spas at the time.”

A hot tub can last for anywhere from five to 20 years, even longer. However, the lifespan of a hot tub is dependent on the materials and craftsmanship. For Ryan, his hot tub is a testament to the quality of Master Spas products.

Right away, he noticed that the products required less service, and it afforded him the opportunity to focus on the sales side.

The company is constantly innovating, too, Ryan says. From the addition of the best-selling Twilight Series hot tubs to the game-changing H2X Challenger swim spa series, Master Spas has been focused on product development.

As a dealer, Ryan says, it has helped his own business to grow.

Marketing efforts

An integral part to Ryan’s business model is off-site sales, which account for a significant percentage of his sales. In addition, there is a Premium Wholesale showroom in Kitchener.

Driving leads to both the shows and showroom is the Master Spas marketing program. As other manufacturers have drastically cut budgets, the company continues to grow its efforts with a multi-platform marketing strategy to support dealers.

Ryan has experienced the benefit of the efforts. The advertising, from social media to podcasts, has brought in high-quality leads to dealers like Ryan.

But it’s more than just the leads for Ryan. The company has made strategic partnerships with athletes, including Michael Phelps, which has helped create brand recognition and elevate the status of the product.

‘Like family’

Master Spas believes in creating lasting, authentic partnerships with its dealers. The company has an executive management open-door policy that grants dealers access to key management day or night.

While previous companies had a more hands-off approach, Master Spas leadership has been available to Ryan. They have fostered a good business relationship, making sure that he has product to sell, and that customer support was available.

“It’s been really awesome from the beginning,” Ryan says. “They made me feel, as a dealer, very valued. It feels more like a family.”

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