How to win sales in a competitive, oversupplied post-pandemic market

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In this post-pandemic economy, and with new challenges brought on by inflation, a softening economy and oversupply, retailers need a way to grab the attention of hot tub buyers above their competition. Cookie-cutter products won’t do. Retailers who want to move ahead must stand out with innovative products hot tub buyers have seen nowhere else. Cutting-edge features and forward-thinking style draw customers to dealers’ showrooms that prioritize innovation, quality and curb appeal over bargain basement prices. In an industry notorious for attempting to create differences out of very little, a new jet, light or other aesthetic change isn’t going to be enough. To move ahead in 2023, you’re going to need a product that truly sets you apart from the pack!

Iconic Spas is THE product to sell

Introducing an all-new, revolutionary line of hot tubs destined to shape the landscape – Iconic™ Spas. Manufactured with centralized trunk lines, an integrated soft cover lifter, brand-new jet layouts, and so much more, these are the products your clientele will remember as Iconic.

The new Iconic Spas series honors new thinking from the base to the cover to the industrial strength galvanized steel frame. At the heart of the series is Iconic’s HYDROPOD™ individualized massage pods. Every HYDROPOD offers a customizable massage via deep tissue rotational jets and acupressure jetting patterns, finely tuned with individualized air controls. Centralized trunklines bring hydrotherapy to each high-jet-count HYDROPOD while significantly reducing shell perforations. The results? An 80% reduction in plumbing joints and components which drastically reduces potential for leaks and future service liability. Also, less restriction and distance for water to travel equates to far greater efficiency and performance, leading to the benefit of increased hydrotherapy experience within the Iconic Series.

The architecture of the Iconic Spa series is structurally engineered to be superior from the ground up. We begin with our patented DURA-BASE® fully-foamed foundation integrated with a robust, industrial-grade galvanized steel frame that is highly rust-resistant. No wood is used in the construction as it is prone to rotting, splitting, and warping. DURA-BASE is up to 10X thicker than the competition and is equivalent to a built-in spa pad. Impermeable and pest-resistant, DURA-BASE creates a downward thermal barrier and provides even, heavy-duty load distribution. Minimal site preparation is required by the customer, and a limited lifetime base warranty offers peace of mind.

Surrounding Iconic’s hearty framework is a protective layer of insulating foam that fits snugly into the steel frame. Iconic pairs it with luxuriously styled, contemporary skirting integrated with an additional layer of reflective foam, creating incredibly energy-efficient, quiet spas that are the envy of the neighborhood.

Iconic Spas’ crowning glory is our integrated spa cover with built-in cover lift technology.

This is not your ordinary spa cover. We went bigger and so much better. Customers can choose among three patented styles: lift-assist manual, semi-automated, or the awe-inspiring fully-automated show-stopper! Just turn the key and watch. Even during unexpected power outages, the spa cover can still be opened and closed, in addition to other safety protections. Unpleasant spa cover experiences and high energy usage need no longer be deterrents to making a spa purchase. Fade-resistant, high-performance outdoor fabric is three times stronger and 33% lighter than vinyl and offers a modern aesthetic and lasting protection. Robust, integrated marine-grade stainless steel lift mechanisms are OEM factory-installed. The covers are engineered with an oversized 6-4” taper, high-density foam with aluminum C-channel, full steam stopper, upgraded vapor barrier, double stitching for added strength and quality, and an average R-value of 18.

Iconic brings the latest innovations to industry staples and offers appealing extras. Each Iconic spa comes standard with the STRONGTOUCH™ full-color touchscreen. With a water-friendly capacitive touchscreen, STRONGTOUCH allows for easy control outside and inside the spa with an invertible display. Long day at the office? Wish the spa was already heated to your preference the moment you arrived home? STRONGTOUCH also offers built-in WIFI connectivity as an optional upgrade. Customers can access the spa’s controls, activate jets, or set the lighting anywhere they have an internet connection, home or away.

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Sound, water, and lighting features enhance the experience. Customers will hear and feel the sound through four transducers and dual surface-mount speakers with Iconic’s premium sound upgrades. The LED water columns offer a relaxing visual while unwinding in the spa. Lighted air controls and LED cup holders allow for easy identification when entertainment lasts long after sundown.

The initial Iconic line encompasses four models. The two sizes offered are 85 inches by 85 inches and 91 inches by 91 inches. The 85-inch and 91-inch non-lounger styles each contain six seats. The 85-inch lounger contains five seats, and the 91-inch lounger contains six seats, including a loveseat. Each model includes easy and safe entry and exit steps, ergonomic no- float seating, and a cool down seat. Every seatback includes Iconic’s HYDROPOD individualized massage pods.

Created with an environmentally friendly process, the ICONIC-BOND™ spa shell is one of the industry’s strongest and thickest triple-layered shell designs. Co-extruded ABS laminate allows for better color consistency and a dramatic reduction in delamination. Exothermal adhesion of the rigidizing layer gives the spa shells incredible tensile strength and sag resistance. Along with no roll-out air pocket issues, the shells are styrene-free!

As a result of years of research and development, Iconic Spas will redefine the spa market. From its innovations in plumbing with the HYDROPOD hydrotherapy system to quality-of-life upgrades with its integrated soft cover lifter systems, Iconic Spas command attention both on the showroom floor and in customers’ homes.

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