Revolutionizing Spa Cleaning: The Polaris Spabot Automatic Spa Cleaner


An In-Depth Look at Spabot

Spas represent a sanctuary of relaxation and comfort, yet the cleaning they require can often detract from the enjoyment they provide. In an era where technological advancement seeks to simplify every aspect of our lives, the introduction of the Polaris® Spabot™ Cordless Automatic Robotic Spa Cleaner stands out as a game-changer in home leisure. A groundbreaking solution for in-ground spa and portable hot tub cleaning, Spabot is designed to transform the task of cleaning spas into a seamless, effortless experience, enhancing the enjoyment and usability for spa owners. In this in-depth look, we explore the innovation behind Spabot, its impact on the spa industry, and what it heralds for the future of home spa cleaning.

Q: What inspired the creation of Spabot?

A: Our motivation for developing Spabot stemmed from a significant pain point observed among spa owners—the time-consuming and often tedious task of manual spa cleaning. In speaking with spa owners, we discovered they were consistently frustrated with the manual effort and time required to maintain a spa free of debris. Based on the feedback we received, there was a strong desire for an automatic solution. Seeing a clear opportunity in the market, we set out to create a product that maximizes user enjoyment by minimizing the labor involved in spa upkeep.

Q: Who benefits most from using Spabot?

A: Spabot is a versatile tool that benefits all spa and hot tub owners, whether they are new to spa ownership or have been maintaining a spa for years. It is especially useful for spas situated under trees of falling debris or in households that track grass and dirt into their spa.

For newcomers, it simplifies what can often be an overwhelming aspect of maintaining a clean spa. For veteran owners, it introduces a level of automation and effectiveness that was previously unattainable, streamlining their maintenance routine significantly.

Q: Can Spabot be used in a swimming pool as well?

Spabot is designed solely for the purpose of cleaning hot tubs and in-ground spas up to 9-feet by 9-feet. Its compact size and unique SpaNav™ technology is designed specifically to help the robot navigate small spaces in an hours’ time. Pools and swim spas are much larger and require different cleaning patterns to ensure complete coverage; Spabot is not intended to clean these larger bodies of water.

Q: What were the first steps in developing Spabot?

A: We’re focused on research and taking a collaborative approach when it comes to product innovation; listening to spa owners is the first step. By understanding the specific needs and challenges of spa owners, we could tailor our design to address these issues effectively. We went through an extensive testing and development process involving conceptual sketches and 3D modeling, followed by the creation of multiple prototypes. Each prototype underwent rigorous testing in various spa settings to ensure functionality and efficiency across different spa types and sizes. At every stage, our engineers integrated feedback from potential users to refine the product. This iterative process ensured that by the time Spabot hit the market, it was ready to perform.

Q: How does Spabot work, and what innovative features does it include?

A: Spabot is designed with user-friendliness at its core. Its completely automatic and operates with autonomy, navigating and cleaning the spa without the need for a spa owner to be present. To use, they simply turn the robot on, place it in the spa, and it runs a 60-minute cleaning cycle. Our proprietary SpaNav™ Technology is central to its functionality, allowing it to maneuver through the spa and nimbly navigating the unique contours of spa benches and hot tub seats to ensure comprehensive cleaning coverage. Spabot’s design also incorporates a powerful yet efficient motor system, enabling it to crawl over footwells, climb walls, and even perform targeted cleaning with a 360-degree spin action when it detects a seat. Post-cleaning, Spabot floats to the surface, thanks to its Float Finish™ feature, making retrieval effortless without any additional accessories needed.


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Q: Could you elaborate on the technical specifications and one-of-a-kind technology of Spabot?

A: Spabot is small and compact, weighing only 5.5 pounds, but with its scrubbing brushes and powerful suction, it traps all types of debris within a 1-liter fine filter canister. One of the key innovations is its SpaNav Technology, which allows Spabot to navigate the small, confined environments typical of most in-ground spas and portable hot tubs. Periodically, throughout the cleaning cycle, it will float and then dive back down, preventing the robot from becoming stuck in one area and to ensure coverage of the spa. This technology allows it to navigate corners, steps, and varied surfaces within the spa. Additionally, Spabot comes equipped with an indoor rated charger allowing the robot to recharge in under 4 hours. And is powered by a 6Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery — making it an energy-efficient solution that allows it to perform effectively while conserving power, which is critical for sustainability.

Q: What maintenance is required from the user’s perspective?

A: We designed Spabot to be user-friendly and highly intuitive. User maintenance for Spabot is deliberately minimal to enhance the overall user experience. After each cleaning cycle, the only tasks required are emptying the debris from the filter canister and plugging the cleaner in to recharge, which takes about four hours.  The charging process is straightforward and fast, designed to ensure the Spabot is always ready for use. The convenience factor here is significant, as it liberates spa owners from frequent and laborious maintenance tasks. Our aim is to make spa cleaning as hands-off as possible, allowing spa owners to spend more time enjoying their investment and less time caring for it.

Q: Beyond cleaning, how does Spabot enhance the overall spa experience?

A: Beyond its cleaning capabilities, Spabot significantly enhances the spa experience by ensuring the spa is always clear of dirt and debris. By maintaining a clean spa, it helps reduce the need for frequent water changes— which not only helps keep costs of maintenance down but also makes owning a spa or hot tub more sustainable.

Q: How do you anticipate Spabot impacting the spa market?

A: We believe Spabot will be a game-changer in the spa market. It introduces a level of technological innovation and user convenience that is currently unmatched. For spa retailers, Spabot represents a compelling new product that can attract a broader customer base, particularly those who might have been deterred by the maintenance spas traditionally require. For existing and prospective spa owners, Spabot offers a practical solution that significantly enhances the value of their spa by simplifying its upkeep.

Q: How do you see spa retailers integrating Spabot into their product offerings?

A: For spa retailers, Spabot represents a compelling addition to their lineup. We support our retail customers with information on Spabot’s benefits, along with marketing materials that highlight its innovative features. Retailers can demonstrate Spabot in action within their showrooms, providing a tangible experience for potential buyers to see its effectiveness firsthand.

The Polaris Spabot Cordless Automatic Robotic Spa Cleaner is more than just a product; it is a testament to Polaris’ commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction. Polaris had been leading the industry, inventing the first automatic pool cleaner over 50 years ago and now it’s done the same for spas. The introduction of Spabot marks a significant step forward in spa cleaning technology, offering unparalleled ease of use and effectiveness in maintaining spa cleanliness. As Polaris continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in pool and spa maintenance, Spabot is a flagship example of how technology can transform everyday experiences, making spa ownership a more delightful and hassle-free endeavor than ever before. This robot is not just a cleaning tool; it is a transformative influence on the entire spa industry, promising to turn the chore of manual cleaning into a background process that enhances rather than detracts from the joy of spa ownership.

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