Politically Minded

Our political survey revealed that, much like the rest of the country, there isn’t much of a political middle ground in the industry. Healthcare is still a major concern for hot tub dealers, much like it was when we ran this survey eight years ago.

What do you think the government’s role should be in governing small businesses?

“Hold [small businesses] accountable to professional standards and certifications, but don’t handcuff them so they can’t afford to operate.”

“Small business is the backbone of our employment system in the United States. Over the last 30 years, small business is responsible for over 70 percent of all new U.S. jobs. Taxes and healthcare are strangling small businesses. Time to stop playing politics and get these problems solved, or we are going to face another recession and loss of jobs.”

“Consumer protection and environmental laws are needed, but for the most part the federal government should stay out of the way and leave [governing small businesses] to states.”

How do you feel about the president’s/Congress’/approach to small business thus far?

“Good, but not passing enough laws to undo the effects of the failed Obama administration, like get rid of Obamacare. That is really hurting our small business due to its high costs.”

“TRUMP IS DOING A GREAT JOB!!! Congress just needs to agree with what he says and does because they are not smart enough on their own to figure things out!!!!!!”

“Trump is the biggest idiot joke of a businessman and has no clue about small business. Trump is pro-Trump first and everything else second.”

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“I believe the president has solid ideas regarding small business, but it’s up to Congress to end the childish bickering. Our elected officials have abandoned the welfare of our country and citizens. Their sole concern is what will get them re-elected.”

“The Congress is a train wreck. It is time to clean house and bring in fresh blood that is interested in helping our country more than helping their own wallets.”

“Trump is a complete fool who has only his interests in mind. He’s not completely anti-small business, but he’s really only pro small business if it looks good for him or serves him in some way.”

President Trump/Congress has thus far been unable to repeal and/or replace Obamacare. Do you feel this is a good or bad thing and why?

“[President Trump] must keep trying to repeal this costly, horrible bill.”

“Insurance companies and doctors need Medicare for all to give them some real competition. We are being screwed by the for-profit healthcare industry.”

“It’s the only thing I wanted [Trump] to do. Having used Obamacare for myself and two children, I have found the prices to be unrealistically exorbitant, the coverage woefully inadequate or not accepted and prescriptions not covered ($300+ for an asthma inhaler so my child can breathe is a bit pricey). The one year I didn’t participate, I got highly penalized so I paid a ton for nothing, now I pay a ton for next to nothing.”

“This is infuriating. Obamacare is going to implode, and our Congress sits unwilling to find a fix or work together to create a new system to replace it.”

“It’s good [it hasn’t been repealed/replaced], but [Trump] has caused it huge harm. Health care is a right, but having it tied to jobs stagnates growth.”