Spa Parts Vortex Announces Split From Spafix

As of Jan. 5, U.K.-based companies Spafix and Spa Parts Vortex are under separate ownership and premises.

As part of this separation, the employees of Spafix have acquired the company from its parent company. The management buyout gave the long-serving staff members an opportunity to grow the business and take it in a new direction. Spafix will continue to supply some technical and warranty services to Spa Parts Vortex on a sub-contract basis.

“I am very excited with our plans for Spa Parts Vortex — moving to new premises, new software and infrastructure, recruiting at a time when others may be cutting back and a program to drive product development and growth of our product portfolio,” managing director Darren Waters says. “We’re developing new models in our Earth Spas lineup and plans are underway to open in a new territory.”