SR Panel: Systems Roundup

Software that helps our panelists keep everything running

Rene Huston Patio Pleasures Pools & Spas
Owner/Vice President of Finance, Sales and Marketing

We use Evosus. Before investing in Evosus, we used a very basic POS software but we outgrew it. Evosus seems to serve us well based on our business size. I especially like its inventory management capabilities, the purchase order process, the integration with the accounting and how it can network multiple locations together as one.

I do feel there are some areas of the software that could use improvement, but overall it’s a good product.

Brian Quint, Aqua Quip
President and CEO

We have been on the Evosus system since early 2008. It has changed our business. While I have never come across an integrated POS system that does it all perfectly; I would speculate that Evosus is meeting our needs in most areas.

We use Evosus in our nine retail locations, in our mobile fleet of service trucks (about 20 users), in our service dispatch offices, in our warehouse and logistics operations and in the accounting areas of our business.

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The system gives us full and instant visibility of all areas of our business from real-time retail sales data to route optimization for our service trucks. Because of this easy and quick information, we have improved our inventory control processes, purchasing and replenishment procedures and the overall financial health of our business.

While Evosus is more or less an out-of-the-box solution, it took many months to prepare for the conversion to Evosus, not to mention several years to fully understand and embrace the many features and benefits of the system. In fact, we are still learning, 10 years later.

Bill Renter, Best Hot Tubs


We’re a Google company. We went to Google and said, “We want all of our software and all of our storage done on Google.” Instead of having all of our stuff on hard drives and backed up in the store, everything that we have is backed up on Google’s servers. Everybody has Gmail in our company, it’s @besthottubs.com. We use Google drive, Google docs, Google sheets, Google calendars and they’re all synced.

Our POS is from Intuit and it links to Quickbooks, so as we’re doing our things it automatically syncs with Quickbooks.

For customers, our database is through ProsperWorks a Google software partner, so they integrate very well with all Google products. It’s just a database, CRM and it’s customizable. We like it.

A year after I sold my old company, The Deck and Patio Company, the new owner got ransomware on his server and literally lost everything I had saved and developed for 30 years. All the photos, the customer information; everything was locked up and they wanted a tremendous amount of money to unlock it, and there was no guarantee they’d do that. So he ended up not doing it and starting over. That’s one of the reasons we went with and trust Google — we know they have redundant systems.