February/March 2022

Another wild year ahead for the hot tub industry

It’s our first issue of 2022! We are kicking off the new year by taking a closer look at putting hot tub pricing online. I recently spoke at a manufacturers’ dealer conference, and much of the feedback concerned retailers revealing their prices online without upsetting their manufacturers and/or other retailers. The pandemic has only accelerated this change. Some hot tub retailers had to go through the entire sales process online for the first time, and that meant sharing pricing online, too. But this is a shift that’s been coming for a while, and I think it will become status quo — not taboo. Take a few moments and read how others in the industry are handling this sticky issue.

Another encouraging sign for our industry is manufacturer expansions. They expect continued growth worth investing in. We highlight a few of those expansions and more are coming, so keep us in the loop if you’re a manufacturer adding to your space.

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Before I go, one last shoutout: If you can’t put your finger on why SpaRetailer feels a little different this issue, it’s all thanks to our art director, Brittany Alloway, who tackled a little redesign/refresh to the magazine. We’re keeping the same overall structure, but Brittany cut the clutter and made the magazine more readable. We’re grateful to her for elevating our look.

Megan Kendrick, publisher