Caring for Your Greatest Asset

People are the toughest, and most rewarding, part of any business

At the Pool | Spa | Patio Expo in November, I asked a very successful hot tub retailer what they still struggled with. This retailer seems to be doing everything right but said finding good employees is still incredibly difficult. I should have known.

Long before I had this conversation at the show, we decided to devote this issue to employees, and I now realize how important it is. Not long ago, hot tub retailers were struggling to afford to keep their employees; now the problem is filling any position at all.

We talk specifically about hiring (Marketing, Troubleshooter and Insiders) in this issue, but also about benefits packages (Creative Benefits) and keeping the employees you have (Operations). We also look at how hot tub employees feel about their jobs (Opinions), and oh boy, do you need to see that. While most of the results were encouraging — people seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs — things start to get a little dicey when it comes to compensation and benefits.

I wish there were an easy hiring fix. I encourage you to work hard to create an environment where people want to be, and to foster a culture of respect and recognition. Maybe you can’t provide certain benefits, but nothing beats being happy for eight hours.


Megan Kendrick, managing editor