Where to Post Your Next Job Listing

Not getting applicants? Give these places a try

You’ve nailed your marketing message and target audience; leads are pouring in and sales are great. But any time an employee gives their two weeks or you find yourself understaffed, you break into a cold sweat as positions go unfilled for weeks, even months.

The problem may be twofold: You’re not looking in the right places, and you’re not saying the right things about your company. And if the only place you talk about how great it is to work at your hot tub store is in a job posting, you’re really in trouble.

What to Say
You must continually market your company to potential employees, regardless of whether you have current openings. Here are some easy things you can do to make your hot tub store look like the best gig in town.

Post pictures on social media of employees enjoying their job. Smiling faces behind the scenes not only catch the attention of potential new hires, but also endear customers to your brand.

Celebrate events in your employees’ lives. It doesn’t have to be big, but acknowledging birthdays, weddings, births and anniversaries (work related or otherwise) shows you care about your workers.

Ditch the company Christmas party and find unique events throughout the year to treat your employees. OK, you can still have a Christmas party; it just shouldn’t be the only time you all get together.

Tell people about your perks. For some reason, companies think they need to keep wages and benefits a secret. Don’t! Be transparent about your pay structure and benefit plans, and include unique options if you can afford it. For instance, if you offer parental leave, see if you can include a similar benefit for families who are adopting.

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Get testimonials from employees. Even better, shoot a video of employees talking about the things they like the most about their job and your company. Put it on your company’s jobs landing page.

Have a place on your website specifically for careers. Even if you don’t have current openings, keep this page up to date with a focus on the company culture.

Make a big deal out of your training opportunities. Next time you have a company rep come by to train your store on a new product, document it. If you send employees to a trade show to take classes, document it. This will get people thinking about your company as their next potential career, not their next stopgap job.

Where to Look
It wasn’t that long ago that CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com were the top places to post a job listing and find candidates. However, now there are some new sites that actually help match you with the people most qualified for your positions.

You can post a job to Indeed as well as search the resumes of job seekers for free. If you want to reach out to someone who matches your requirements, you pay $1 to contact them. Indeed also aggregates jobs posted on other websites, so someone who is job hunting only has to search on a single site to find most jobs.

ZipRecruiter will send your job post to more than 100 job boards. So instead of going through the hassle of posting the same job to several places, then checking those accounts separately to see who replied, you can do it once to reach the most candidates, then manage all responses in one place. ZipRecruiter also works as a matchmaker, using algorithms to match jobs to candidates and vice versa. They offer a free trial to employers, then charge a monthly fee depending on the services you want.

Head Hunter
If you’re looking to fill a top-level sales or management position, it might worth it to pay for a headhunter to do the looking for you. Often these agencies don’t get paid unless they bring you someone you actually hire, but those costs can feel steep compared to the more passive approach of waiting for people to come to you. Depending on the company and type of position you’re looking to fill, they can charge anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of the candidate’s first-year salary.