Clearon Acquires AquaFinesse

Trichlor/dichlor manufacturer moving into new products/markets

Clearon Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of trichloroisocyanuric acid and sodium dichloroisocyanurate, has acquired AquaFinesse LLC, the manufacturer of water treatment chemistry that loosens biofilm and prevents its regrowth.

AquaFinesse was founded and developed by Jan de Rijk in the Netherlands. His company has sold AquaFinesse in Europe since 2006 and the United States since 2011.

In 2018, Bryan Kitchen became the Clearon’s president and CEO. Kitchen says his goal is to build on Clearon’s 60-year legacy in the recreational water industry with innovative technologies, while diversifying into new markets.

“We’re not large; we’re not lethargic,” Kitchen says. “We know who we are; we know who we want to become. This transaction is the latest step in our transformational journey.”

Since Kitchen was hired last spring, he’s invested heavily across the entire enterprise.

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“We are committed to innovating and bringing to market ‘best,’ ” Kitchen says. “Generally speaking, we have been producing the same products for decades. Our R&D director, a veteran of the specialty chemicals industry, traveled to the Netherlands and met with Mr. de Rijk, assessed the technology and liked what he saw. AquaFinesse was a must have.”

“We’re going to take the AquaFinesse technology, we’re going to continue to innovate around it where there are acute needs across many market segments,” Kitchen says.

“We strongly support the strategic vision of Clearon and believe that, under their ownership, AquaFinesse can truly reach its full potential,” de Rijk says. “Looking ahead, we are pleased to continue our long-term partnership with Clearon as they seek to innovate solutions to solve the world’s most difficult biofilm problems.”

In addition to the acquisition news, the company is announcing its first new product incorporating the AquaFinesse technology this week at The Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City, booth No. 1437.

“It’s something the consumer wants and they need,” Kitchen says. “The solution we’ve come up with is brilliant. We’re delighted to see that blossom and take shape. In rec water, we’re going to continue to make the best products. Beyond that, we’re going to take the technology into other market applications where AquaFinesse has not historically participated — industrial water treatment, the oil and gas market, the agriculture market.”