Bullfrog Spas Launches Design Studio

Bullfrog Spas announced the launch of an all new web-based product configurator called Design Studio. This digital application, located at designstudio.bullfrogspas.com, replaces Bullfrog’s SpaDesign product configurator.

Design Studio is a modern product configuration experience offering several features never before seen in online configurators for the portable spa category. These features include live 3D spa models that the site user can rotate a full 360 degrees to view from any angle and an instant MSRP quote on the customer-configured spa.

Design Studio is optimized for mobile viewing, offers a smooth simple user interface, while allowing the user to update the spa model, interior and exterior finishes. In addition, Design Studio users select and interchange their favorite JetPak jetted spa seats to create a personalized spa that is unique to that customer’s preferences.

“Design Studio represents a step forward in the evolution of online spa configuration experiences,” says Jake Ricks, director of marketing for Bullfrog Spas. “It is built for the modern web, which is of course mobile. Design Studio also offers a much better display, easier navigation and makes use of the latest 3D web technologies.”

Design Studio delivers an instant price quote direct to the customer online, “something I believe our industry has been unrealistically hesitant to do,” Ricks says. “We simply want to create a better customer shopping experience. Design Studio hopefully helps us move in the direction of more transparency and a more enjoyable path to purchase.”

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