Tom Junck of Combined Pool & Spa, left, with Watkins Wellness president Steve Hammock, and Jacque Stauffer, Liz Sheppard and Jeff Carlson of Combined Pool & Spa.

Combined Pool & Spa Awarded Top Caldera Dealer

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Caldera Spas dealer Combined Pool & Spa has been given the Dealer of the Year Award.

“The motto of Combined Pool & Spa ‘Serious Fun,’ ” says Mike Dunn, executive vice president of Watkins Wellness. “That phrase exactly describes this business and the phenomenal people who make them our Caldera Dealer of the Year. They are the best of the best. They consistently set the bar high, but in 2016 they took their business to a whole new level. From their sales to their service, training, marketing and social media presence, they have a winning formula for success.”

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The dealership has won the Central Area Dealer of the Year award and the No. 1 Single Store in America award.

“It is such a pleasure to partner with Caldera Spas; their products and professionalism are world-class,” says Tom Junck, owner of Combined Pool & Spa. “Our tea works hard all year to achieve our goals, and this recognition symbolizes passion for sharing a lifestyle of wellness with our customers and growing our business through superior service — all while having a lot of fun.”