Cover-Pools adds automatic spa cover

Cover-Pools, the originators of the automatic pool cover, has broadened its selection of industry-leading pool and spa covers with an expanded T4 lineup with the T4 Spa automatic cover system.

Like the original T4 system, the T4 Spa offers versatility with a smaller mechanism and motor footprint that enables it to be discretely hidden beneath 14-inch coping, accommodating the sleek lines of standalone spas. Just as with the first T4 system, this latest advance in automated spa covers can be installed with stainless-steel cable or Cover-Pools’ Ultimate Rope, a more traditional option that can be used with any T4 system.

The model incorporates Corr-Resist technology for fighting corrosion. Similarly, it features adjustable end hubs to accommodate varying lengths of the cover roller tube, an adaptable reel diameter to ensure alignment with the leading edge and easy-to-install adjustable mounting bracketry that can be shifted for proper positioning, all resulting in an easier installation and a strong, secure cover seal every time the cover is closed.

“We have a long history of pioneering new technologies to further improve on our product and provide the safety and reliability that pool owners depend on,” says LaMont Drechsel, vice president and general manager for Cover-Pools. “Now, with this new T4 lineup, we can truly offer a range of choices to suit any pool or spa with an advanced design that offers the same safety and reliability and doesn’t detract from aesthetics.”