IHTA Corner — Q&A with Cindi Magray

New Chairwoman for IHTA Leadership Team

Cindi Magray, owner of Spa Manufacturers Inc. in Clearwater, Florida, has taken the helm of the strategic leadership team. She’s worked with the IHTA since it was founded in 2009.

SR: What are some of the positive things you’ve seen happen within the IHTA?

CM: The IHTA has done so many positive things for the hot tub industry. The first action the IHTA took was forming an engineering committee and hired a monitoring company for regulations that could impact us. This group of engineers are such a knowledgeable and dedicated committee. You can’t imagine the countless hours they have worked to protect the hot tub industry. This is a volunteer position and they all have day jobs. We now have the benefit of working with Jennifer Hatfield, the director of government affairs for the PHTA.

SR: Are there any changes or projects you’d like to see the IHTA accomplish while you’re at the helm?

CM: The best thing I can accomplish is NOT change what has worked so well. The leadership team and the engineering committee are an amazing asset to the hot tub industry. We must stay the course of protection. The monitoring company provides us with alerts of possible legislation that could impact us — those alerts increased from approximately 400 in a year to more than that amount in the first quarter of 2019. There have been so many issues that this team has successfully dealt with that could have had a serious negative impact on the hot tub industry.

SR: Why do you think others in the industry, specifically retailers, should join and support the IHTA?

CM: I feel strongly if someone has any involvement in the hot tub industry they should be a member. There are many benefits to joining the association. What happens when a retailer has an issue delivering a hot tub because a building inspector might have a lack of knowledge about our product? If you are a member, we have the resources to help you. The IHTA/PHTA newsletter has information of current happenings and businesses need to know what changes have taken place so they can be up to date on how they sell, distribute or manufacture their products.

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