Platinum Spas launch two new hot tubs

Chesterfield, U.K. based hot tub manufacturer Superior Wellness have announced the launch of two new hot tubs for the Platinum Spas brand: The Oslo and Colombo.
According to the manufacturer, both newly announced premium ranged tubs are large, all-seater hot tubs, capable of seating up to seven people, making them ideal for families and entertaining.

The pair also both feature built-in LED lights and Platinum Premium Shield insulation, which is intended to make a noticeable difference in the heat retained in the hot tubs, as well as a reduction in energy costs. The Oslo includes 64 jets, powered by 3 x 3HP pumps. Meanwhile, the Colombo includes 48 jets.

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“All-seater hot tubs are very popular, particularly in the U.S.,” says Gareth Ward, sales director at Superior Wellness. “They are perfect for families and friends who want to spend time relaxing and enjoying the hot tub together.”  

For more information on becoming an authorized Platinum Spas partner or to find your nearest Platinum Spas showroom, visit Platinum-spas.com.