Power Women: Patricia Diamente

President and CEO, Coast Spas

Before joining Coast Spas, Patricia Diamente spent 15 years in executive and management roles with luxury bathware and plumbing businesses. For her, this experience transferred easily into spas: Consumers in both worlds see these products as experiences — “not simply a function that serves an immediate need,” she says.

One of Diamente’s favorite accomplishments at Coast Spas is launching the Purfikt Spa. “I’m very proud of the work we’ve done to respond to our customers’ needs,” she says, “and increase their overall satisfaction with the entire Coast Spas experience.”

Joined the industry in 2018

Because hot tub products have universal appeal, Diamente says, there is no reason one gender should dominate the industry. “I’ve found women of great value and importance at all levels,” she says. “These women in R&D, engineering, overseeing manufacturing and in other roles need to be shown as playing critical parts in our industry’s success to encourage the next superstars to find a worthwhile career in our business.”

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While she believes female decision makers are key to the industry’s buying demographic, Diamente doesn’t think being a woman alone can lead to success in this industry. “It’s bigger than that,” she says. “It takes experience, knowledge, creativity and the desire to grow a business and create a brand respected and loved by customers. I think that’s what I bring, and I know there are many, many other women with that drive and those smarts to take our industry to the next level.”