Spa & Leisure Denver

An evil that pays off in the end

Service Champions
Owner: Erik Menz
Denver, CO 

Erik Menz places a huge stake of his company’s success at the feet of customer service.

“We always try to exceed the customers’ expectations,” Menz says. “The old under promise, over deliver.”

Spa & Leisure Denver, which has a service department consisting of six people, looks at the big picture when it comes to service.

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“Our service department is truly a necessary evil,” Menz says. “It’s there because it has to be there.

If you just look at the service department as a department separately it is a money loser in most cases. But if you see and tie it in to what it does for you on the referral side, on repeat customers on the spa side, it’s actually a money maker.”

Menz’s advice for anyone who wants to improve their service department is to watch their money. “The big thing is service costs money; in order to provide good service the company has to be making money. If you’re not bringing in revenue your service will definitely falter. Keep it lean, don’t try to do too much.”