Aqua Rec’s Fireside Hearth & Home

Chris Kovacs, Co-Owner

Q: What are the challenges you face in your local market?
I don’t think it’s any secret that the state of Washington is probably one of the toughest in the nation to do business in with our taxes. So that’s always a challenge. Our challenges are probably not unlike any business, we’re always trying to improve our services, improve our employee base and just improve the way we’re doing business. This economy has been tough in that degree, but the silver lining is this really has made us a much better company. When this economy comes back, I think we’re poised to do some great things; I’m excited about it.

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Q: What advice would you give to other retailers right now?
What we keep continuing to harp on are the little things in the business, just running lean and talking about efficiencies, getting your guys out in the field quicker. Really employing our management team to have a passion for efficiency and contempt for laziness. It’s like having weeds in your garden, you don’t have to plan for them they’re going to come. The same thing on trying to keep people efficient. Do the math – if you can improve a half hour of work time for each employee, you’re talking 45 employees a day, over the course of the year. If you want to save yourself $100K or $200K a year, start looking at those small things in your business. That’s something we’re constantly trying to get better at.

Aqua Rec’s Fireside Hearth & Home