Arctic Spas Kamloops

From the factory to the floor

New Stores
Owners: Carleen and Randy Redmond
Kamloops, BC

Both Randy and Carleen Redmond worked at the Blue Falls Manufacturing factory (makers of Arctic Spas) before opening their own store. Randy was the national sales manager and Carleen was also

a sales representative. During their tenure at Blue Falls they fell in love with the Arctic product. “People say we’re brainwashed,” Carleen Redmond jokes. So they took that passion and an entrepreneurial spirit and opened their own store.

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“We were looking for a territory for a long time,” Redmond says. “Kamloops opened up, we did our research in the market and we said let’s take a chance and go for it. We gave our notice at Blue Falls, started doing renovations, opened up and here we are today.”

What they thought would be a relatively quiet market turned out to be much busier than expected and in their first year of business they sold approximately 130 spas.

While Redmond is quick to give credit to a higher power for their success, she says that you have to be fearless when you’re in sales. “I’m not scared to ask for the sale, I ask for the money.”