Bassemier’s Fireplace, Patio & Spa | New Location Revamps Longtime Business 

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Bassemier’s Fireplace, Patio & Spa is a family business through and through, started by John and Diane Bassemier in 1968, with their sons Jeff and James taking the reins in 2018 as president and vice president respectively. 

Jeff and James’ childhood was marked by lessons in responsibility and entrepreneurship. Their father instilled the values of hard work and business acumen into his sons from a young age.

Today, with their father retired and their mother working part-time, Jeff and James carry the responsibility of running a successful business. They understand the gravity of their role, knowing their decisions impact not only their 48 employees but also the legacy they have inherited and hope to pass on to future generations.

“When you’re gifted an opportunity or if you buy out your parents, you have to be extremely respectful of what you’re being handed,” Jeff Bassemier says. “The first generation has the hardest time with all of this because their company is their baby … They’re always worried about it, and to hand their baby to somebody else isn’t easy for them.” 

While Jeff Bassemier recognizes how much work his parents put into the business and commends them for everything they built, he also believes he and his brother have something new to offer.

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To help move the business forward, Jeff Bassemier looks for ways to involve his employees, allowing their strengths to shine. He has a leadership team he trusts, and he trains them in management, setting up parameters but ultimately providing them with autonomy to lead.

“Growth requires some level of pyramid leadership, and we’re working on that,” he says. “I have the right people. I have the best team that we’ve ever had.”

Cultivating a successful crew has brought growth opportunities. In 2022, the company added a new 10,000-square-foot showroom location, even winning the 2022 Showroom Design Award from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs.

Through a commitment to family values and a strong work ethic, Bassemier’s journey is a story of evolution and adaptation, honoring the past while looking to the future, with plans to thrive and leave a lasting mark in the hot tub industry.