Power Women: Tracine Marroquin

Vice president of marketing, product and channel for North American spa and bath at Jaccuzzi Brands, LLC

Tracine Marroquin started in bath product marketing at Jacuzzi in 2008, then moved to oversee a team in channel marketing and industrial design. In 2012, she added the spa division to her responsibilities and now manages all of these areas for the North American bath and spa markets.

During her time at Jacuzzi Brands, she’s worked toward the launch of many products and marketing programs for dealers, including the SmartTub. Marroquin expresses pride in the development of the Sundance 980 Series and Jacuzzi J-500 Collection that she says stretch the industry’s retail price point, proving that hot tubs can be sold at over $10,000. In 2019, her team introduced Jacuzzi-branded swim spas, the Jacuzzi Vibe Collection and Sundance Splash series.

Tracine Marroquin
Joined Jacuzzi in 2008; moved to spa division in 2012

“I am proudest of the strengths we have made in our relationships with our dealers and subsequently with the end users of our products,” Marroquin says. “In my biased opinion, we offer the best products in the industry. That wouldn’t mean anything to the consumer experience if we didn’t also have the best dealers.”

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During her time at Jacuzzi, Marroquin has had three children. “Our dealers have been there as my family began and have had a genuine care for my well-being and for the well-being of my family,” she says. “So although I would agree this is a male-dominated industry, it’s also a family-focused industry. I’m grateful the leadership team and the company policies at Jacuzzi have been so accommodating to me as a mother.”

Marroquin says she sees many talented women in the hot tub industry and is grateful for them as examples and mentors, but hopes more women will find a place of leadership within the industry.

“I’m grateful for my experience, but I don’t discredit others’ who may not have found paths to leadership in this industry because of gender,” she says. “I would love to see more of our retail partners owned and operated by women. The industry has a few shining stars, but there is a lot of room in this sky for more. I hope to lead in a way that makes others interested in the industry.”