Power Women: Cindi Magray

President, Spa Manufacturers, Inc.

Cindi Magray and her husband began manufacturing hot tubs in 1981. They opened in a small building and worked together to build everything from the ground up: She has rolled fiberglass, answered phones and made sales — “usually all in the same day!” she says.

Magray says her longevity in the industry is a big accomplishment. “Through good economies and bad ones, a sense of pride comes from staying the course and keeping people employed,” she says. She’s also proud of her work with the IHTA/PHTA; Magray has served on its leadership team since the beginning. In 2019, she became the IHTA chairwoman. Among her goals is to continue dedicating herself to furthering the projects the IHTA provides the hot tub industry.

Co-founded Spa Manufacturers, Inc. with her husband in 1981

While some view the hot tub industry as male-dominated, Magray says it is centered on family businesses. “I see generations of families working in the industry,” she says. “In the early years of business, I often experienced consumers wanting to ‘speak with the man in charge.’ But from within the industry itself, I’ve never felt challenged by being a woman. I’ve always felt respected by industry leaders. The prevalence of family-owned businesses makes our industry special.”