Bullfrog Spas releases AR for hot tub placement

Bullfrog Spas has launched an artificial reality experience that enables shoppers to view a 3-D hot tub model in their backyard before purchasing. With a simple click, visitors to BullfrogSpas.com can see a Bullfrog Spa in the location of their choice using most modern mobile devices.

To initiate this new AR experience, shoppers can select the “View in your backyard” button on any spa model page with their device. Customers then aim their device’s camera toward the outdoor space they want to place the spa in. The hot tub appears in the space and can be rotated or repositioned accordingly to fit exactly how the customer would like. The experience helps customers envision how the spa would look and tie into their overall backyard design.

“One of our top priorities is creating experiences that move customers closer, and more quickly, to the decision stage of their spa purchase,” says Jake Ricks, director of marketing for Bullfrog Spas. “AR is just one more innovation that provides prospective customers with relevant purchase information and, especially in current times, AR fits well in our Power Per Square Foot model by providing our dealer partners a tool they can use to help their customers make purchase decisions from anywhere.”

Power Per Square Foot is a model for spa retailers based on business best practices that, when applied, optimize the customer experience, helping dealers maximize their business outcomes. The Power Per Square Foot concept addresses primary retail business functions, with tool development as a key focal point. Sales tools like the AR experience are designed help dealers and their sales staff make the most out of critical customer touchpoints along the hot tub buyer’s journey.

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