Episode #73, Save Big Money on Card Processing Fees, with Matt Rej

Matt Rej

Merchant Cost Consulting is every small business owner’s dream. They do the work and you don’t pay them a dime unless they deliver — and in this case they are delivering pretty significant savings in your credit card processing fees. MCC isn’t a processor, but it goes through your processing charges with a fine-tooth comb, seeing where you can find savings staying with your current processor. Once it’s negotiated those savings on your behalf, it continues to monitor your account so when the processing company inevitably raises your rates, MCC can swoop in and hold the company to its original agreement. Sounds like a pipe dream, but there are several hot tub retailers who have already done this — and saved big.

Strong Spas. Did you know that Strong Spas has hot tubs in stock and available now? The company has overstock and recertified hot tubs that are ready to ship. Strong also has the industry’s shortest lead times on made-to-order tubs, Strong Spas can put hot tubs in your showroom now — filling any holes where there should be floor models or holes in your product offering. You can still diversify your suppliers by adding Strong to your product mix. Strong Spas has expanded its production capacity and, as always, is made in the USA. To become an authorized dealer today, visit strongspas.com/dealer.

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