Essentials: Essentially Loyal

Top-notch service, unique products keep spa dealers loyal to accessory company

Expanding to meet trends in the spa accessory industry, California-based Essentials Spa Supplies has grown exponentially in the last 26 years.

Expanding to meet trends in the spa accessory industry, California-based Essentials Spa Supplies has grown exponentially in the last 26 years.

What began in 1993 with 80 SKUs and one Ohio location providing spa accessories and chemicals to dealers of any spa brand, has grown into a bicoastal company with offices in California and Georgia, with more than 1,200 SKUs to date. In the last three years, Essentials also expanded into the pool market with a seasonal pool product offering, “to help smaller pool and spa retailers have a single-source supplier for popular seasonal pool items,” says Ann Spires, Essentials president.

Being able to function “as both an OEM of exclusive hot tub related products, continuously designing and developing exclusive products for the hot tub industry, and as a distributor of the most sought-after product brands in the industry” is Essentials Spa Supplies’ biggest accomplishment, Spires says.

Such exclusive products include this year’s launch of Mineral Harmony, a line of specialty water care products designed to work specifically with mineral treated spas. Spires says this product complements the increased demand for mineral sanitizing in hot tubs and is “the first and only chemical line that is specifically designed to be used with mineral sanitizers and purifiers of all brands.”

In addition to progressive products like Mineral Harmony, Essentials remains true to top sellers like cover lifts, steps, spa fragrances and water treatment products. By offering multiple product lines and vendors in these categories, customers maintain a variety of options to choose from with no minimum order size.

Sam Gore, general manager for Colorado Custom Spas in Denver, says that Essential Spa Supplies has been the primary supplier of chemicals and accessories for the hot tub dealer for nearly 20 years.

“My favorite product is probably the custom starter kits they make for us,” Gore says. “It’s tailored to our exact specifications, and they even put our logo on them.”

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The customization, wide variety of selection and competitive pricing keeps Gore an Essentials customer, though he says the customer service tops it all.

“Essentials is the one vendor we never seem to have  issues with,” Gore says. “Everything is always right and easy with no headaches. I can’t say that about most companies that I’ve ordered from over the years. When I call [Essentials], I get a real, live person who is knowledgeable and friendly. All of my emails are returned promptly. Shipping and packaging are excellent.”

Spires says most orders are shipped the same day with several tiers available to qualify for free shipping.

Spa Brokers in Westminster, Colorado, has been a loyal customer since Essentials first opened, because of the customer service and variety of products Essentials provides, says store manager Dean Chandler.

“There’s not really a lot of accessories made for hot tubs,” Chandler says. “[Essentials has] some unique items, like the rubber ducks. They have a huge assortment of rubber ducks and our customers, for whatever reasons, love them. So we’re constantly having to reorder them.” Chandler says customers also like the floating, light-up flowers. 

With its expansion in services and products, Essentials’ focus is always on its top priority — the customers, Spires says. “Essentials’ 60-day happiness guarantee gives the peace of mind to try any product we carry and return anything for any reason,” Spires says. “We strive to have the best possible pricing and items that aren’t available from any other distributor.”

 Chandler says he doesn’t shop around for better prices on the items Spa Brokers gets from Essentials Spa Supplies. “I feel comfortable with what they do,” Chandler says. “They’re fair, and it’s not worth my time to shop because I don’t think I’m going to find a better deal. It isn’t going to be worth saving 2% or 5% or whatever it might be. It’s just this easy to do business with Essentials.”