Sundance Spas: Finessing a Favorite

Sundance Spas updates its popular 880 Series

The 880 Series from Sundance Spas is not new but continues to be a customer favorite, says Cody Meador, product manager for the company. “Our loyal customers have a very high standard for Sundance, and the 880 Series has always been our perfect balance of premium features, aesthetics and, most importantly, unparalleled hydrotherapy,” Meador says.

That’s why, he adds, when Sundance started developing new cabinetry styling and technology, rolling out updates on the 880 Series was the obvious choice.

With eight spas in the lineup, differentiating factors include massage variations and inclusion of a lounge seat. The Aspen model has up to eight massage options. The Maxxus has a lounge seat, is more than 9 feet long and 7.5 feet wide, and has six massage options. While these two models have had the most updates this year, the entire 880 Series received an overhaul.

The upgrades are exterior: A color touch-screen control panel, an illuminated indicator light and metallic illuminated accents. The most prominent exterior change, however, is the new SunSide cabinetry, which was offered as an upgrade in 2019 and now comes standard on all 880 Series models in 2020.

The cabinetry is available in three on-trend colors, Meador says, and coordinates with architectural elements and patio furniture and accents. The cabinetry can be removed without the use of tools and provides a clean exterior look with no exposed fasteners. “This also allows the cabinet to ‘float’ on the frame, reducing damage from binding, twisting or warping,” Meador adds.

While the cabinetry is the main upgrade to the 880 Series, Meador says many of the reliable features Sundance provides are what make the brand stand out. “We remain a leader in the industry by partnering with proven manufacturers outside of our industry to bring technology into our spas,” he says.

For example, Sundance’s partnership with Salesforce resulted in the company’s patent-pending SmartTub technology, which makes hot tub ownership easier for customers through a hot tub monitoring and control mobile app. Additionally, patented Fluidix jets were co-developed with Bowles Fluidics Corporation, a company that specializes in the movement of liquids and gas.

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Jeff Brooks, vice president of sales for AquaQuip, with several locations in the Seattle area, says the new cabinet designs are modern and the SmartTub feature elevates the ownership experience. “The 880 Series brings a blend of best-in-class features under the hood, combined with the styling and visual enhancements the high-end spa shopper is looking for today,” he says.

Other developments trademarked by Sundance and available on the 880 Series include SunScents aromatherapy, where an air-only blower provides a soft-tissue massage while releasing scented air that does not compromise water quality; and the horizontal placement of the MicroClean Ultra Filter, allowing for 100% filter utilization, Meador says, compared with traditional upright filters only utilizing 25% of surface area. The Accu-Ssage is another standout feature.

“Complete with arm rest, the Accu-Ssage customer favorite therapy seat delivers relaxation to your neck, back, wrist, hips and calves,” Meador says, “all while in our deepest, full-body immersion experience.”

“All Sundance models are strong,” Brooks says, “but the new features and designs of the 880 collection have allowed us to further separate that series and increase the price point accordingly.”

Michael Weige, president of Spa Palace in Colorado Springs, Colorado, says the 880 Series combines the best features of the Sundance family of hot tubs. “The 680, 780 and 980 Series all have their place with our diverse customer base,” he says, “but the 880s have the broadest appeal. They really are the best value because of the features they offer.”

Meador says Sundance customers are loyal to the product, owning multiple versions of the same model throughout their lifetime. Brooks concurs. “We find that the Sundance brand has an incredibly loyal following in the Northwest,” Brooks says. “We enjoy a high percentage of second-time Sundance buyers — which says it all.”