Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs Become Official Hot Tub of USA Surfing

Jacuzzi Brand hot tubs is now the official hot tub of USA Surfing with the aim of supporting USA Surfing athletes competing in domestic and international competition, including the debut of surfing at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

USA Surfing CEO Greg Cruse says hydrotherapy is part of a comprehensive plan for optimal training that prepares athletes to take on the world’s best. “The highest-performing athletes use the highest-performing products and training approaches,” Cruse says. “And with more than 60 years of experience in hydromassage, Jacuzzi Brand is on the leading edge of hot tub technology. Jacuzzi products help athletes recover faster after training, speed up the recovery process after injury and perform at peak levels when it matters most.” 

Part of the three-year partnership agreement provides Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs for surfing athletes at training facilities in the United States and at competition. This will further enhance the accommodations USA Surfing secured for surfing athletes at Japan’s Tsurigasaki Beach competition site. It is also a critical part of USA Surfing High Performance Committee’s evidence-based approach to supporting surfing athletes in coordination with the U.S. Olympic Committee resources and the latest advances in sports medicine and training. “This is an incredible opportunity to partner with USA Surfing in support of athletes ahead of and through the sport’s Olympic Games debut,” says Drew Meng, president of Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tubs. “With well-being at the core of all Jacuzzi products, offering the ultimate hydromassage to support all people around the world who believe in the importance of self-care is a natural fit.”

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