Cal Spas: Priority Swim

Cal Spas releases an entry-level swim spa with two swim jets

In January, Cal Spas released its latest product, the F-1421 Swim Spa. The Cal Spas Delphi Team began development in early 2018, seeking to maintain the most up-to-date technology in the swim spa market, says Denai Rosen, marketing coordinator for Cal Spas. She says the company is always looking to improve components, functions, entertainment features and ease of operation for its spas.

The Delphi Team consists of Cal Spas sales, marketing, engineering and manufacturing departments that focus on research and development. “We see what the people are asking for — what their needs are — and come up with a product that best suites the needs of the dealers and consumers,” says Shiva Noble, executive vice president for Cal Spas.

Research showed that consumers wanted a smaller swim spa, Noble says —“something more cost effective but that they can actually swim in. They didn’t want to pay the high dollar amount with a lot of features.” To that end, the F-1421 swim spa is optimized for those whose main interests are fitness and health.

The F-1421 measures 93 by 170 by 51 inches. The three-pump system, with a 1×6.0 BHP Eliminator Performance Pump, has 19 exclusive stainless-steel Candy Cane Jets, the Swim Jet System II and two River Jets. The swim side of the spa has a 27-inch stainless-steel exercise bar and a floor-mounted swim lane marker, as well as fitness and tether anchors for a full aquatic exercise. The hydrotherapy area features six hydro steamers, two captain seats and one cool-off seat.

Dave Wooldridge of Two Men and a Spa Dolly in Arnold, Missouri, says the addition of the second swim jet and third pump allow more swim resistance and a better workout. He doesn’t have the F-1421 on his showroom floor yet, but working with Cal Spas, he says, means being able to offer something of value without having to display it. The company doesn’t require a dealer “to stock 15 to 20 spas in a showroom and 20 spas in a warehouse for inventory,” Wooldridge says. “This allows us to hold on to our money and pass those savings on to the customer.” He also appreciates how quickly the spas are delivered. “We have submitted orders on a Monday and received a minimum of three spas by the following Monday,” he says. “That is what separates us from other dealers.” He says the industry standard is four to six weeks for delivery and requires a full load to ship.

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In keeping with the good-better-best model features of the hot tub industry, Noble says the F-1421 fits into the ‘good’ category. Her recommendation to dealers, if space allows, is to have three swim spas on the showroom floor — one at each feature level — and at least one of them available for a swim test. “[The F-1421] is one of those three for the showroom floor because it’s an entry level but really a great swim spa,” Noble says. “Customers can take it off the showroom floor the way it is because that’s what is in their budget, or they can upgrade it.”

On the whole, Cal Spas is proud of this new entry-level swim spa. “Therapy and exercise are what consumers will respond best to,” Rosen says. “The F-1421 is perfect to relax and do-low impact moves or an advanced level swim. It is also a really great tub to throw a party in.”

Celebrating 40 Years

A vendor at a busy county fair in 1978, California Acrylic Industries created small-scale versions of its formed acrylic pool designs in order to display them in a small space. The miniature pools sparked requests for acrylic hot tubs. Just a year later, California Acrylic Industries stopped building pools to focus on the hot tub business, and Cal Spas was born.