Jobber Adds New Software Features

Jobber’s software and mobile app boosts the professionalism and organization of pool professionals with automated quoting and invoicing workflows, online payment options, scheduling and dispatching solutions, and an online client hub. Jobber is designed for one-off and recurring jobs alike. Unlike pen-and-paper or single feature apps, Jobber organizes daily operations in one easy-to-use platform that serves as a command center for companies in the swimming pool and broader home services industries.

Jobber’s newest features include online booking, industry-first automated quote follow-ups for closing outstanding work bids and new integrations. Now, users can send marketing emails, create social media ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, build landing pages, send postcards and receive useful reporting and analytical insights — all powered by Mailchimp. New task automation features, enabled by Zapier, allow users to save time by automatically moving information between Jobber and 1,500-plus web apps, building faster workflows.