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King Technology Emphasizes Recycling as Earth Day Approaches

King Technology, makers of FROG products, partnered with TerraCycle, a global recycler known for “recycling the unrecyclable,” to create a program for their empty hot tub and swim spa cartridges.

When FROG retailers sign up for the program, King Technology ships them a FROG Recycle box.

“Customers ask us what to do with empty cartridges,” says Kim Goldsbury, owner of Pepper’s Pool & Spa in Kansas City, Missouri. “We tell them to bring them in, and then they can go ahead and buy new product — we take care of everything.”

Images of the acceptable cartridges are printed on the FROG Recycle box along with pictures of what the empty cartridges will eventually be made into so customers can see the result of their recycling efforts. When the box is full, the retailer calls UPS for prepaid pickup.

The empty cartridges are shipped to a processing plant and are made into items like outdoor furniture, decking or railroad tracks.

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“We want to be a company that helps people recycle,” Goldsbury says. “Our participation shows our customers that we care about the environment. We can do little things to help make a difference in our world and reduce waste.”

Available to all FROG retailers, the FROG Recycle Program is a step toward zero waste.

“The program gives customers a place to recycle their cartridges and gives retailers an opportunity to connect with their customers and make a positive impact in their communities,” says Jackie Reick, director of marketing for King Technology. “It’s one more way to enrich lives daily.”

For more information, contact Alex Granlund at 952-646-4339.