LPI transitions to retail direct model

At the end of August, LPI, Inc. , a hot tub manufacturer operating from three east coast facilities and producing a variety of acrylic spa brands, announced it will be transitioning away from wholesale dealers and going to a 100% retail direct model in the United States in 2021. “Our entire business has been, and continues to be, affected by the global pandemic,” Hatley says. “Fortunately, we are blessed to be on the right side of what this has done in our industry. We are still facing unprecedented demand for our product, with no signs of things slowing down. Our demand continues to far outweigh our capacity.”

This demand led LPI to make what Hatley says were very tough decisions about the future of the company. “Our new, exclusive focus will be our Aqua Living Retail Stores, in addition to some Canadian and international dealers,” he says. “This decision did not come lightly, and we are grateful for over 10 years of dealer-supported growth. We appreciate the opportunities they have provided us and trust in our hot tubs. Their partnerships are a major reason why we are here today.”

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