Worldwide Hot Tubbing for Hope Event Launches

Aquatics Empowered, a newly formed charity based out of Harwood, North Dakota, announced its inaugural worldwide fundraising event, Hot Tubbing For Hope, will run November 15 and 16.

Aquatics Empowered is a nonprofit whose mission is to bring awareness to the value aquatic therapy provides. The charity focuses on small communities and helps establish and profitably maintain aquatic facilities. Aquatics Empowered helps elderly, veterans, children, disabled and even animals find resources for aquatic therapy.  

The Hot Tubbing For Hope event encourages people worldwide to gather friends, family or co-workers, find a hot tub or pool, plan a get together and document the experience. Participants and corporate sponsors will be asked to donate a registration fee.

Aquatics Empowered is challenging all groups or teams participating to submit photos or short videos, which will be judged on fun and creativity. Each category will win an award for the best of class submission. Examples of categories include but are not limited to: teachers, fireman, police, veterans, colleges, high schools, morning show hosts, TV newscasters, professional athletes, animal trainers, physical therapists, retailers, manufactures, charities and swim teams.    

The event will be broadcast live via the internet. The charity will be broadcasting participants around the world from established local event-hub hosts. Proceeds from the event will be used to help provide resources as well as grants for rural communities to establish or maintain aquatic resources, help individuals in need of aquatic therapy acquire access and provide all other charities support for their beneficiaries to access aquatic therapy. 

“I couldn’t be more excited bringing people together worldwide to share a smile in a hot tub or pool,” says Troy Derheim, founder and executive director of Aquatics Empowered.

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