Master Spas Valaris

Master Spas Unveils New Contrast Therapy Tub

Master Spas, a leading manufacturer of premium swim spas and hot tubs, announced the latest addition to its Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub lineup — the Valaris. This contrast therapy tub offers two separate bodies of water designed to redefine recovery and performance for athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

Users can tailor the experience to their specific needs, using the hot tub side for relaxation and muscle tension relief or opting for the cold-water immersion side to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and accelerate recovery or combining the two sides as part of a contrast water therapy routine. 

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Key features of the Valaris contrast therapy tub include dual water experiences, a 2.1 horsepower chiller, an energy-efficient therapy pump for warm water and 16 hydromassage jets for tension relief and muscle recovery. It retails for $13,995.

For more information about the Valaris or the Master Spas Chilly GOAT Cold Tub line, visit www.chillygoattubs.com.